Friday, July 14, 2006

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Escape from Hate Cafe


As a friend of mine put it : "PEOPLE WON"

And swear to God thats a relief.

Coming to think of it, it happens all the time.
It happened during WTC, during the London blasts, the Madrid explosions... the cities bounced back. The resilience of the people held the city to its foundations. And as I write this blog, people in Mumbai are getting on with their lives as usual.. after wiping a tear or two.

I have to eat my words then. Hate lost.
May it always be this way.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hate cafe

Earlier on in the day, Mumbai was rocked with a series of explosions on the western line..more than a hundred dead. The routine explosions in kashmir have already happened. Delhi on high alert. I changed my computer name to Guernica.

Philosophers, writers, painters, rockstars, hippies and the small green men from muipotu have for ages wondered and pondered about the dynamic of hatred. No pathbreaking discoveries. Only a few early bird gift hampers in the form of Nobel Peace prizes.

An interesting thought: does hatred have to be violent all the time? No. Like smart assed free thinkers you'd say - 'Its the thought that matters.' Tarantino has as much love for violence as Saddam Hussain. But what drives Tarantino is creativity - showing killing in increasingly (seemingly) cooler ways.. whereas Saddam's violence is fueled by hatred.

In the Mahabharata when the pandavas were chilling out in the forest.. Draupadi was geting superlatively pissed. She couldnt check out the latest gossip or bitch about the neighbour's wife or go shopping in the Hastinapur city centre.. she's stuck in the middle of nowhere with five pseudo superheros. So she starts nagging Yudisthir about how unmanly a bunch of brothers they were. Five senile superheros for husbands!
But as we know cool as a cucumber that our man Yudi was, he replied:
"Krodhe taap, krodhe paap
Krodhe kulakhsay
Krodhe sarvanash
Krodhe apachaye"

When translated :

Since a literal translation would be " Anger creates heat..etc" id prefer :

Anger is uncool, its a sin to be angry
It leads to loss of kinship
It paves the road for doom
Its a major waste!

Sensible what the guy has to say.. but kurukshetra had to happen.
The kauravas eat humble pie while krishna gives a foot massage to arjun with his i-killed-em-all-already-u-just-have-to-kill-em-again balm.
Hate wins in the end.

territorial musings

while the heart remains in manipal
the bum gets fried in delhi
bombs explode in mumbai
communists change colors in calcutta
bangalore gets gassed

killjoy starts a stupid blog in noida